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IMG_20150402_184153148IMG_20150402_183936818IMG_20150402_183427169IMG_20150402_182310867IMG_20150402_182141537IMG_20150402_182200146IMG_20150402_182208284IMG_20150402_182302309IMG_20150402_182126806IMG_20150402_182111679IMG_20150402_182105010IMG_20150402_182055088IMG_20150402_182002220IMG_20150402_182013586IMG_20150402_182021105IMG_20150402_182035579IMG_20150402_181955149IMG_20150402_181943470IMG_20150402_181935115IMG_20150402_180751398IMG_20150402_180549269IMG_20150402_180608737IMG_20150402_180740629IMG_20150402_180745809IMG_20150402_180540789IMG_20150402_175326070IMG_20150402_175230863IMG_20150402_175218513IMG_20150402_175057412IMG_20150402_175125577IMG_20150402_175134919IMG_20150402_174936118IMG_20150402_174923974IMG_20150402_174910980IMG_20150402_174944641IMG_20150402_174951788IMG_20150402_175104440IMG_20150402_175001425IMG_20150402_175051417spill 2spillAR-703079918The Elkhart League of Women Voters provided a scholarship for a student scholar to attend the Elkhart Area High School HISTORY  TOUR summer of 2013. The two week tour includes battlegrounds, Washington D.C., and Museums. An exam is given and students earn educational credits. What an excellent way to learn how our democracy was established first hand.



State LWV convention was attended by Karen Carter and Ralph Spelbring.  april trip to turkey run 045 april trip to turkey run 062Most current positions were

readopted.  Restudies may be done on: redistricting, General Assistance, Tax systems, and local Government.


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