Reminder Feb 15th 5:30 to 7pm LWVEC meeting on Gerrymandering

11 Feb

How can Gerrymandering steal your vote? Why does the League want new redistricting laws?

What you need to get your new voter ID – why does it discriminate against poor people and women?

Drop in and check us out after work                          League of Women Voters of Elkhart County

Speaker Lisa Plencner, past State LWV President

February 15th  5:30 – 7pm


22531 C.R. 18 ( Hively)

  open to the public- you do not need to be a League member to attend .  Free snacks will be provided. This is a casual meeting, you can leave at any time. We hope to answer all your questions. For additional information  264-7281




November 15th LWV meeting “Career Pathways” Elkhart schools curriculum

6 Nov

via November 15th LWV meeting “Career Pathways” Elkhart schools curriculum information from LWVEC

26 Oct

On Election Day, Tuesday November 7, voters across the country will head to the polls to cast their ballots in thousands of state and local elections. If you have elections in your area, now is the time to think about how and when you’ll vote, and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

What do you need to vote? The League is proud to provide, our digital voter guide for all election-related material. This one-stop-shop includes registration deadlines, absentee and early voting information, polling place locations, and ID requirements where they exist. In hundreds of communities nationwide, we will also have detailed information about candidates and issues on the ballot.
Who represents your beliefs? Up and down the ballot, candidates are asking you to hire them to represent you. You, and your friends and family, have important decisions to make that will impact your community and our country.
Enter your address at to build your personalized voting guide that may include which offices and ballot questions you will see when you vote, as well as nearby candidate debates and forums, so you can hear directly from the candidates on the issues that matter most to you.
Voting allows us to make an impact on critical issues and policies. Please encourage the people in your life to vote in this year’s important elections, and to find the information they need at
Thank you for Making Democracy Work®.

Maggie Bush
Programs & Outreach DirectorPlease try to attend candidate forums and ask them questions

The League would incourage you to attend candidates meetings and ask them questions. It is a sad fact that because of Gerrymandering our elected officials do not have to vote as there constituents want them to -and never hold any town halls or attend  debates. When ask questions about their votes ,( our representative voted to cut Medicare by $487 billion after her 1.5 trillion cut to Medicaid failed to pass the Senate) they refuse to answer. Many times decisions are made behind closed doors when open meetings and voting are traditionally  required. This happens from city planning all the way up to Washington DC . Please, don’t let our democracy go to the way side.  Hold your elected officials accountable, be informed about the issues, and get out and VOTE.

Gerrymandering Forum- LaSalle branch library 3232 Ardmore Trail S.Bend

17 Oct


The Community Forum for Economic Justice will hold a public forum on the issue of redistricting and gerrymandering. Topics of discussion will include
— how the democratic process is thwarted through the manipulation of local and federal districts that favor the party in power
— various mechanisms used to suppress voter participation
— the case before the Supreme Court, Gill v. Whitford, which challenges the constitutionality of the partisan gerrymandering plan drawn up by the Wisconsin legislature in 2011

When: Tuesday, October 17, 7 PM
Where: LaSalle branch library, 3232 Ardmore Trail, South Bend

Lisa A Plencner,
Court Administrator, St Joseph Circuit Court
Past Co-President, League of Women Voters, Indiana
Bob Raz, Indivisible Indiana District 2
Moderator: Darryl Heller, Director, Civil Rights Heritage Center

Health Care Forum Oct 10th 5:30-7pm Lerner Crystal Ballroom

9 Oct

Source: Health Care Forum Oct 10th 5:30-7pm Lerner Crystal Ballroom

Photos from the September 20th meeting

24 Sep



Panel Photo: left Kelsey McClure from Elkhart County Voter Outreach. Kelsey, along with Chad Clingerman helped people determine if they were purged and were there to register Voters. Kelsey answered many questions  asked about voting, registration, and purging. County clerk Wendy Hudson and chief deputy clerk Chris Anderson were also on hand to answer questions. Students ask if it was better to register at home or school. The hours of operation of poling places was questioned. She was asked what happeded to the voter registration files seized by Pence. We were told differant states had differant rules for purging. For information on your voting status, go to


At center is Gail Pebworth. Gail told us some league history. Did you know that the League, with Eleanor Roosevelt’s help, was instumental in getting the United Nations on the ground. We cover many subjects: environment, education, & health for example. We are known for protecting voters rights and getting out the vote. This year we have two law suits involving voter suppression. We stopped doing the Presidential debates in 1987 when the 2 parties planted the questions changed the participation of the debates -see you tube film.

On the left is Jonathan Watson J.D. from Anderson, Agostino & Keller who is a law professor at IUSB. He reviewed the NAACP/LWVIN lawsuit against Connie Lawson for release of Voter information at the request of the Trump Commission without abiding by Indiana Constitutional provisions. The second NAACP/LWVIN lawsuit involves purging voters because they have the same name and birthdate as someone else in the county. The issue in this case is that Indiana did not inform people they were purged. Professor Watson discussed the constitutionality of these cases and other voter suppression laws.

NAACP members and students from Ivy Tech and Goshen joined the Elkhart League of Women Voters and others who enjoyed a free picnic lunch while learning about voter suppression issues.  Get informed, Socialize, Help you community. Join the League.

 New treasurer is Evelyn Rice. Thank you Dan Kmitta for your service. If you have not paid your $45 dues yet. send them to Evelyn Rice 23480 Greenwood Blvd. Elkhart 46514.


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Call your Senators:Donnelly 202-224-4814 Young 202-224-5623

20 Sep

TELL THEM TO VOTE NO FOR GRAHAM CASSISY BILL. bill will affect people with disabilities , pre-existing conditions, will take away the spending cap, and put each State in charge of their own insurance. And we all know how Indiana feels about womens health concerns. The League’s stand is for good women and Children’s health-  Additional Numbers Donnelly home office 574 288-2780   Young 317 226-6700

Come to the American Association of University Women Health Care Forum

The September 20th meeting will be great!!! Hope you can make it ,and also bring your dues if you still have not paid for the 2017/2018 year. The lunch is free. Bring a friend.

13 Sep

Free Luncheon for Voter Registration and Information

7 Sep


SEPTEMBER  20th  11:30-1 pm


22531  C.R.  18 GOSHEN



Gail Pebworth from the League of Women Voters state office will provide LWV membership information and tell us what the league does to protect voters rights.

Kelsey McClure from Elhart County Outreach will discuss why 500,000 voters were purged from the Indiana database. She will verify current registrations and register voters.

Jonathan Watson JD will discuss the “constitutionality” of the NAACP/LWVIN lawsuit against the Indiana Secretary of State regarding voter privacy and the injunction to prevent  “purging” as currently performed. Additional Voter suppression cases may be reviewed as time allows.

The public is Welcome. We appreciate a RSVP to ensure enough food is ordered.      574 206 0732      574 849 8701   or respond on this site

League of Women Voters of Indiana, Indiana NAACP, et. al. v. Connie Lawson, et. al. | Brennan Center

ters Violates Fed eral Law


National League of Women Voter Updates

12 Jul

Please click on each  heading to read full article.  The League of Women Voters is busy–  Enjoy July off— See you in August

| League of Women Voters

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