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Contested Elkhart Mayoral Debate April 8th Crystal Ballroom

18 Mar

The Mayoral Debate will be feature Democratic candidates

                                     Ashley Boling Molyneaux      Rod Roberson



Show support for Indiana redistricting SB 105

18 Mar

This week there will be a second reading of SB 105. The Elkhart League of Women Voters would like to see a Redistricting bill passed. Indiana is one of the most Gerrymandered states in the nation. Please send a quick E-mail to Representative Wesco and ask him to please consider supporting the advancement of this bill and the changes suggested by the Citizens Action Coalition

Tim Wesco



Please support SB 105, authored by Senator Greg Walker (R-Columbus).  This the bill provides a forum to continue the redistricting reform dialogue. During the hearing the Citizens Action Coalition urged the committee chairman to schedule SB91 for a hearing and to make other changes to SB105.  Those changes include: a statement that would forbid any district from being drawn to favor or disfavor by any individual or political party, language to provide the public with access to mapping software, and data so they can draw and submit maps to the General Assembly for consideration. SB105 passed the Senate Elections Committee 5-2 and now proceeds to the Senate floor for further action.


LWVEC March 20th Luncheon Meeting-IVY TECH

27 Feb

Healthy Schools, Healthy Elkhart

Speaker: ECS Superintendent Dr. Steve Thalheimer

Dr. Thalheimer earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Indiana State University. a Masters of Arts degree from University of Rochester, and a Bachelors of Arts degree from Indiana University. Come and enjoy a delicious Italian Luncheon with the League, meet the new superintendent and find out what’s in the future for our schools.

March 20th  IVY TECH Community Room

22531 Hively Ave (CR 18)

Social 11:30   Speaker 12:00-1pm

Optional Italian lunch-pasta, salad, bread, drinks and dessert $10

Reservations very appreciated- Carol W. 574 262-3223 or comment here you are attending, only I see that.   Thanks, see you there

Elkhart Contested City Council Races Forum – March 27th

26 Feb

Elkhart Common Council Primary -Candidates in Contested Races

District 1 Republicans, District 2, Republicans, District 4 Democrats,

District 6 Republicans

A Reception will  follow the Event


Meet the Elkhart Municipal Primary Candidates – March 26th Crystal Ballroom

24 Feb

Reception after the event




Gender Pay Gap Meeting AAUW ELkhart

22 Feb

click site below for American Association of Universtiy Women Elkhart invitation

AAUW march 6 2019 meeting announcement

The biggest legislative game changers for working women since the equal pay act made it illegal to pay people of different sexes differently for the same job in 1970 are coming to many states. Oregon, Illinois,& California require employers to reveal pay gaps due to sex or race and reimburse losses. Some tax credits need the companies sexual harassment policy included in the filing.

What are your questions for Elkhart Municipal Primary Candidates ?

6 Feb

Municipal Primary 2019

The Elkhart County League of Women Voters is preparing for debates and candidate forums for the Elkhart Municipal Primaries. Please help us:

Submit questions– What issues are important to you? What do you want to know from the candidates?  The Elkhart Truth will publish the candidates answers to profile questions from the League and students from the American Democracy Project. Other great questions will be asked at the candidate debates/forums. Please leave your QUESTIONS for the Municipal Candidates on the comment area at the bottom of this blog by MID FEBRUARY. The League board will give them all consideration.

Attend our events– The League has reserved the Lerner for April 1,2  and 8th for Primary 2019 events. We hope we will get great response from the candidates and the public.  Funding for the events at the Lerner will be provided by the League of Women Voters of Elkhart County. The American Democracy students and their advisor Professor Elizabeth Bennion are co-sponsoring the Municipal Primary forums, any events at IUSB Elkhart are funded by them.

If you are not a member of the League of Women Voters of Elkhart County, please consider joining our group, membership is only $50 per year.  Providing voter information and introducing candidates to the public is just part of what we do. It takes money and a lot of work to put on debates. The Lerner is expensive, but what a great venue. Higher membership numbers also help our lobbying efforts, our representatives listen to strong groups. Go to our how to join page on

Besides our Municipal Primary events, the League programs for 2019 will cover isssues on: Education ,Environment, and Community .  All meetings are open to the public and are free except for cost of meals.

List of Offices that are open for filing on January 9th for nomination to a municipal office in 2019.

City of Elkhart

Ashley Boling- Molyneaux (Democratic) – 1311 Greenleaf Boulevard, Elkhart IN 46514       (574) 361-1258
Rod Roberson (Democratic) – 414 Vistula Street, Elkhart IN 46516                                       (574) 612-2279
David Miller (Republican) – 2333 Southdale Drive, Elkhart IN 46516                                     (574) 536-4004

City Clerk
Debra Barrett (Republican) – P.O. Box 2174, Elkhart IN 46515              (574) 596-6096
Ronda Bilancio (Republican) – 6 Cambridge Court, Elkhart IN 46514    (574) 264-5315

Judge, Elkhart City Court
Charles H. Grodnik (Republican) – 228 West High Street, Elkhart IN 46516   (574) 522-8412

1st District Common Council
Gerry Roberts (Democratic) – 700 South Main Street, Elkhart IN 46516          (574) 343-0149
Steve Gruber (Republican) – P.O. Box 33, Elkhart IN 46516                            (574) 206-6142
Richard Shively (Republican) – 1001 St. Clair Avenue, Elkhart IN 46516         (574) 522-2222

2nd District Common Council
Andrew Strycker (Democratic) – 521 Riverside Drive, Elkhart IN 46514            (574) 575-3588
Roger L. Cotterman (Republican) – 312 Plum Street, Elkhart IN 46514            (574) 350-4370
Kraig J. Grover (Republican) – 1162 Willowdale Avenue, Elkhart IN 46514      (574) 606-9821
Brian A. Thomas (Republican) – 914 Strong Avenue, Elkhart IN 46514            (574) 596-7411

3rd District Common Council
David E. Henke (Republican) – 1752 Crabtree Lane, Elkhart IN 46514            (574) 596-6413

4th District Common Council
Dwight Fish (Democratic) – 1627 Elizabeth Street, Elkhart IN 46516              (574) 536-9973
James (Jay) H. Little (Democratic) – 1300 Eden Street, Elkhart IN 46526       (574) 621-4877
Ron Troyer (Democratic) – 1105 Princeton Street, Elkhart IN 46516               (574) 370-8647

5th District Common Council
H. Brent Curry (Democratic) – 2312 Hawthorne Drive, Elkhart IN 46517      (574) 361-5651

6th District Common Council
Tonda Hines (Democratic) – 710 9th Street, Elkhart IN 46516                                (574) 596-5524
Pam Kurpgeweit (Republican) – 1441 Strong Avenue, Elkhart, IN 46514              (574) 522-5959
Rick Stauffer (Republican) – 1204 West Garfield Avenue, Elkhart IN 46516          (574) 370-1071

Common Council At-Large (3 seats)
Arivs L. Dawson (Democratic) – 228 S. Main Street Apt 1, Elkhart IN 46516           (574) 536-1970
Alex Holtz (Democratic) – 732 Violet Road, Elkhart IN 46514                                   (574) 361-7007
Thomas Butler (Democratic) – 638 Oakdale Drive, Elkhart IN 46517                       (574) 360-1783
Kevin Bullard (Republican) – 1133 County Road 17, Elkhart IN 46526                     574) 535-8363
Brian Dickerson (Republican) – P.O.Box 1965, Elkhart IN 46514                             (574) 612-4865
Mary M. Olson (Republican) – 1632 Brookstone Court, Elkhart IN 46514                (574) 536-2908


Open to the Public


SOCIAL 11:30      PROGRAM 12:00 -1pm

LUNCH  IS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE $7.00 ( includes drink)




Remember, leave your questions under comments and reservation to meet the Superintendent in March.   Thanks, League Web Master, Bev Wiemeri




Redistricting Information and Petition

20 Nov

Redistricting Rally Tuesday Nov. 20th Indianapolis State House

The League of Women Voters of Indiana has E-mailed information on this event.  Below you will find some information if  you are not a League member and are interested. The state of Indiana does not present legislation based on petitions, but signing will show our legislatures how important this issue is and how many people want gerrymandering stopped.

Want Competitive Elections? Don_t Let Partisan Lawmakers Draw Districts | Brennan Center for Justice

All In For Democracy – Indiana Coalition for Independent Redistricting

Reminder-Oct 25th School Board Forum and District 21 Debate and Oct. 30th Senate Debate

25 Oct

Elkhart Community School Board 6-7:30pm  State House District 21 Debate 7:30-9pm.

IU Elkhart Campus 125 E Franklin St Elkhart

The Senator Donnelly , Mike Braum Oct. 30th Debate from Indianapolis can be seen on Youtube using the link below

Click on the link for broadcast time 7:00PM – 8:00 PM EDT

This debate may not be streamed to an audience without contacting (mailto: you will be put on their list for coverage.


October 25th school board forum and state house district 21 debate IUSB Elkhart campus 6-9pm

19 Oct


Elkhart Community School Board Candidate Forum

  The Elkhart School system will be facing many issues this year with the consolidation. New administrators will need mentoring as pathways are developed. Our public education system in Elkhart is important- it is the one place where the citizens have a say about how their tax dollars are being spent.  The voucher system allows other educational institutions to use tax dollars without an elected school board that is responsible to the public.

All of the Elkhart School board candidates will attend the Forum at the IUSB ELkhart Center on October 25th .There will be introduction time, then questions on school board issues from the League  and some questions from the audience. Candidates for school board District B :Glenn Duncan and Rocky Enfield Jr. Candidates for ELkhart At Large school board candidates are: Babette Boling, Kellie Mullins, Troy Scott, Jeri Stahr, Jill Szyarto, and AnneVonDerVellen.  Please come and meet the candidates and make an informed vote. School board forum 6-7:30 pm.   State district 21 debate 7:30-9pm

State House District 21 Debate

Ethan Legg(L)            Carl Rust (D)        Timothy  Wesco (R)


This year there are three candidates for Indiana state house district 21,  Ethan Legg (L) ,Carl Rust (D), and incumbent Timothy Wesco (R) . As you see by the map above, this district includes all of the south side of Elkhart and most of Concord and Harrison  township. You will have a choice in who will represent your Indiana district 21 downstate.The candidates are attending this debate to discuss issues and to meet you in person.  Before you vote, know what your representative will do for you and your community and what issues are important to them.






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