There are only 37 aquafers on our planet, 21 are polluted,over depleted, or are evaporating

1 Nov

Report from League of Women Voters Lake Michigan Region

  There are 5 countries that have most of the worlds water, Brazil, Russia, USA, Canada, and China. Columbia ranks far behind at 6th for fresh water, and the rest of world’s  water resources are quite small.

The groundwater in our area is called “The Sixth Great Lake”.  This fresh water supply is not protected by Federal laws of the  GLC- Great Lakes Compact or The Clean Water Act. Michigan is the only state without statewide laws or regulations regarding small septic tanks.

The League of Women Voters Lake Michigan Region conference was held in Lakeside Mi. this year. I am a Chemist and microbiologist and have performed many water quality test during my career. Needless to say, as bad as I thought things were in the past, our present ground water is in peril. Many beaches in Michigan were closed last summer due to Ecoli. A new chemical used as fire retardant (PFAS) is in our water to stay because it is highly soluble. Once in our systems, PFAS cause auto immune disorders and is linked to cancer.

Please read the attached folders for more information. If you live in Michigan, encourage your lawmakers to act. Have your  water tested once a year. Vote for sewer upgrades in your area.Let me know if you would like a environmental meeting next year on anything Lake Michigan Region- there are resources available to us from this League Organization. Thanks, Bev


Other great articles can be found at

Please share these reports with others. So great to see what some of our League dues are accomplishing.




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