Elkhart League Annual Meeting May 15th 11:30am-1:00pm

2 May

League of Women Voters Elkhart County Annual Meeting

Wednesday May 15th  11:30-1:00pm  

Ivy Tech Community Room 22531 C.R. 18 (Hively Ave.)

Speaker: Tom McArthur -Church Community Services

optional lunch : $10 call 574 596 6052 or reserve here www.LWVEC.org in comments

Open to the public

Agenda: 1.An update on the aquatic center,will silver sneakers be acceptance etc, before our tour June 26th at 4pm.  presented by Shannon Oakes, Beacon representative

                     2. Business meeting, board of directors and League officers election. Pay Yearly Dues of $50  if you have not paid for the 2019-2020 year yet. Here is a copy of the budget we will vote on -as you can see it depends on donations if we are going to be balanced and not dip into our treasury. Projected Budget LWVEC

We are also planning on asking the community foundation to help again.(don’t know if they will be as generous next year)  If you can, add a little donation with your dues check- At this time, only $4.50 of your dues stays here in Elkhart – all the rest goes to State and National dues. We want to put on great programs and great debates.  Also,  please consider being part of the board or being a co or full officer. 2020 will be an active year for the Elkhart League, Please join us

3. Our speaker will inform us of Elkhart’s  homeless population problems and how the Church community Services determine If there behavior can be changed.






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