October 25th school board forum and state house district 21 debate IUSB Elkhart campus 6-9pm

19 Oct


Elkhart Community School Board Candidate Forum

  The Elkhart School system will be facing many issues this year with the consolidation. New administrators will need mentoring as pathways are developed. Our public education system in Elkhart is important- it is the one place where the citizens have a say about how their tax dollars are being spent.  The voucher system allows other educational institutions to use tax dollars without an elected school board that is responsible to the public.

All of the Elkhart School board candidates will attend the Forum at the IUSB ELkhart Center on October 25th .There will be introduction time, then questions on school board issues from the League  and some questions from the audience. Candidates for school board District B :Glenn Duncan and Rocky Enfield Jr. Candidates for ELkhart At Large school board candidates are: Babette Boling, Kellie Mullins, Troy Scott, Jeri Stahr, Jill Szyarto, and AnneVonDerVellen.  Please come and meet the candidates and make an informed vote. School board forum 6-7:30 pm.   State district 21 debate 7:30-9pm

State House District 21 Debate

Ethan Legg(L)            Carl Rust (D)        Timothy  Wesco (R)


This year there are three candidates for Indiana state house district 21,  Ethan Legg (L) ,Carl Rust (D), and incumbent Timothy Wesco (R) . As you see by the map above, this district includes all of the south side of Elkhart and most of Concord and Harrison  township. You will have a choice in who will represent your Indiana district 21 downstate.The candidates are attending this debate to discuss issues and to meet you in person.  Before you vote, know what your representative will do for you and your community and what issues are important to them.







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