Photos from the September 20th meeting

24 Sep



Panel Photo: left Kelsey McClure from Elkhart County Voter Outreach. Kelsey, along with Chad Clingerman helped people determine if they were purged and were there to register Voters. Kelsey answered many questions  asked about voting, registration, and purging. County clerk Wendy Hudson and chief deputy clerk Chris Anderson were also on hand to answer questions. Students ask if it was better to register at home or school. The hours of operation of poling places was questioned. She was asked what happeded to the voter registration files seized by Pence. We were told differant states had differant rules for purging. For information on your voting status, go to


At center is Gail Pebworth. Gail told us some league history. Did you know that the League, with Eleanor Roosevelt’s help, was instumental in getting the United Nations on the ground. We cover many subjects: environment, education, & health for example. We are known for protecting voters rights and getting out the vote. This year we have two law suits involving voter suppression. We stopped doing the Presidential debates in 1987 when the 2 parties planted the questions changed the participation of the debates -see you tube film.

On the left is Jonathan Watson J.D. from Anderson, Agostino & Keller who is a law professor at IUSB. He reviewed the NAACP/LWVIN lawsuit against Connie Lawson for release of Voter information at the request of the Trump Commission without abiding by Indiana Constitutional provisions. The second NAACP/LWVIN lawsuit involves purging voters because they have the same name and birthdate as someone else in the county. The issue in this case is that Indiana did not inform people they were purged. Professor Watson discussed the constitutionality of these cases and other voter suppression laws.

NAACP members and students from Ivy Tech and Goshen joined the Elkhart League of Women Voters and others who enjoyed a free picnic lunch while learning about voter suppression issues.  Get informed, Socialize, Help you community. Join the League.

 New treasurer is Evelyn Rice. Thank you Dan Kmitta for your service. If you have not paid your $45 dues yet. send them to Evelyn Rice 23480 Greenwood Blvd. Elkhart 46514.


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  1. bwiemeri September 24, 2017 at 8:10 pm #

    To see You Tube league videos click the lower URL

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