Senator Young Needs to know We Want to Protect Indiana Voter’s Voting Rights.

31 Jul

Senator Young has announced his opposition to S.1 the For the People Act which sets forth reforms to voting, ethic rules and campaign finance that would strengthen the country’s democracy.  However, when thoughtfully analyzed, Senator Young’s reasons for opposing the For the People Act do not stand up.

Senator Young attacks the bill for “taking a system that is actually working quite well and applies drastic election reforms.” Unfortunately, Indiana’s voting system is not “actually working quite well.”  Even in 2020, a year that witnessed high voter turnout, Indiana ranked 43rdout of 50 states and D.C.  Ranking as a low turnout state is consistent with the state’s performance in past elections.


The reasons for Indiana’s low turnout can be attributed to Indiana’s voter registration deadlines, voter ID law, and other voting structures that create unnecessary barriers for Hoosier voters.  For example:

  • Voter ID law is one of the most restrictive in the nation–only 6 other states employ such an ID law.
  • Voter registration ends 29 days before Election Day, the earliest date allowed under federal law.
  • 6 P.M. polls closing on Election Day is the earliest in the nation.
  • Access to vote by absentee ballot has been restricted.
  • Availability of Early In-person Voting varies county to county.
  • Purges of voting rolls.

Allof these obstacles faced by Indiana voters would be addressed by the passage of For the People Act, which include:

  • Same Day Registration allowing eligible voters to register to vote or update registration at the polls.
  • An option to the ID requirement in federal elections, permits those who don’t have an ID to present a statement signed by the individual under penalty of perjury, attesting to the individual’s identity and eligibility to vote. States retain their ID procedures for all other elections.
  • A full two weeks for early voting.
  • Access to absentee ballots available to all registered voters upon request.
  • Unified standards for updating voting roll, providing an end to purges.
  • Minimum 7 P.M. poll closing on Election Day.

Senator Young says he opposes S.1 because it would “federalizes states’ authority over their election processes” and that the Act is a partisan “power grab”.  Again, these assertions are false. S.1 does not take authority over the electoral process from the states.  States and local governments would continue to administer all elections, just as they do now, and they would continue to set policies for their jurisdictions. The For the People Act merely sets baseline standards for voting access in federal contests, as Congress has done many times before.


Lastly, this bill is NOT a partisan “power grab.”  Wanting every eligible voter to have equal access to the ballot box is not partisan. Wanting a robust democracy in which everyone has an equal voice and equal representation is not partisan—it is American. 

The reforms in the For the People Act are modeled from successful practices that have been implemented in red, blue, and purple states   This act would implement some popular measures: national voting standards so every citizen has equal freedom to vote, campaign finance reforms to take back elections from billionaires and corporations, an end to partisan gerrymandering, and ethical rules for all three branches of government. 

Hoosiers would greatly benefit from the passage of S.1. Wanting a robust democracy in which every eligible voter has equal access to the ballot box, and everyone has an equal voice and equal representation should not be viewed as partisan.

Senator Young was elected to represent the interests of his constituents. Passing the For the People Act ISin the best interest of his continents and in protecting the country’s democracy.  Our responsibility as citizens, call Senator Young (202-224-5623)and remind him.


League of Women Voters of Elkhart County—.

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan voice for free, fair, and open elections founded more than 100 years ago.  We neither support nor oppose candidates or political parties, butwe do stand for issues that are core to our mission: empowering voters and defending democracy. 



Important Redistricting Meeting Aug.7th Ivy Tech Elkhart. Please attend if possible

28 Jul

The chair of the redistricting committee, Tim Wesco ( who wants to keep the gerrymandered district lines where they advantage his party), Is conducting the meetings. We hope that he will hear what we, his constituents, want as far as fair voting districts and how we want them drawn- but then again, the maps of the proposed districts will not be displayed at the meetings. The Democratic party of Indiana has requested additional meetings where maps will be provided. The League has been part of an independent coalition working on fair maps for Indiana-click to view We want the hard work of this ALL IN FOR DEMOCRACY to be considered when maps are drawn.

Please JOIN THE LEAGUE and Support Redistricting Reform, Environmental , and Educational concerns

Send $60 check ($30 for students and spouse) to MIKE SETTLES 409 N. VINE ST. ELKHART, IN. 46514



26 Jun

According to the Brennan Center for Justice, the effort to restrict the vote continues:

I am disappointed in Senator Todd Young for not standing up for voters rights in Indiana. Our State Legislature is in the process of passing restrictive voting laws, yet here is what he says about the federal government trying to protect voters rights.

DO YOU KNOW THAT IN ARIZONA A PROPOSED LAW WOULD ALLOW THE ARIZONA LEGISLATURE TO OVERTURN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION RESULTS?- I think the law would not work with the present Arizona constitution since law makers would have to have a special session to do this, and I hope a law like this would be taken to the supreme court. Why risk having these laws even going that far? The for the people act would prevent all of the states from messing with existing voting right. Yes Senator Young, HR-1 is needed- just ask anyone from Georgia


June 17th 6-7:30 pm Elkhart Aquatic Center “A Century of Votes for Women”

9 Jun

Lite refreshments will be offered, so please comment here on the blog or phone 574 596-6052 and let us know you are coming. Bring your daughters and their friends. (husbands also) This will be a fantastic Program on Women’s voting legacy.

Help us Fight for Redistricting and Voters Rights-Join the Elkhart League Today

1 Jun

 Dear Members and Friends, 

It’s that time of year again – time to renew your League membership! Thank you for past support and for renewing today so we can continue to have the impact you’ve come to expect from the League! 

 We need your renewed membership now to ensure that we can accomplish our ambitious schedule of activities in the coming year. We continue to hold our base dues, at $60annually, to encourage maximum participation from the community. You are also encouraged to contribute toward our Education Fund. The Education Fund enabled these activities this last year even during COVID 19.

Elkhart Environmental Center Tour,  Police Relations Event at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church.

Zoom Workshop on Racism,  Redistricting Report,  League 100thanniversary tea at Havilah Beardsley House with Helen Beardsley Program. An overview of the new State law excluding wet land protection by Hoosier Environmental Director.  And don’t forget to attend our June 17thmeeting at the Aquatic Center

“Gender and Voting”  6-7:30 pm Presented by ND professor Christina Wolbrecht

In this time of heightened partisanship, gridlock between policy makers and increased frustration among the public, there has never been a more urgent need for the reasoned, factual and civil voice the League of Women Voters brings to our community.

 As a member, you are a crucial part of our non-partisan, hands-on work to safeguard democracy and create lasting change. Thank you for your continued commitment to the League of Women Voters. We are counting on you to renew today!

Our new fiscal year starts in July. Please have your membership dues mailed by then if possible so we can get you on the National and State rosters as well as our Elkhart County Program Book

 Send checks to :  Mike Settles Treasurer, LWV of Elkhart County     409 N. Vine Elkhart Indiana 46514

574-596-9810     We Protect Voters Rights.

What Would Our world of Politics look like if women did not have a voice?

28 May

Gender and Voting

presented by Christina Wolbrecht

June 17th 6-7:30pm

Elkhart Aquatic Center

Please come and enjoy this very engaging speaker, The Public is always welcome to League meetings

Professor Wolbrecht attended Pacific Lutheran University, graduating with a BA in political science in 1992.[1] She then received an MA in political science from Washington University in St. Louis in 1994, and a PhD there in 1997.[1] Wolbrecht’s PhD dissertation won the Best Dissertation Award from the Women and Politics Section of the American Political Science Association.[1] After obtaining her PhD, Wolbrecht joined the political science faculty at the University of Notre Dame.

Affiliation: University of Notre DameAward: Victoria Schuck AwardResearch interests: American politics, Political Parties, Women, Gender, American political development.

Link to recorded environmental event

21 May

League Members Protect Voters Rights! Send this Letter to Senators Braun & Young

21 May


   Please promote voting rights bill S 1 “For The People Act”.
 A letter is attached to this email that members are asked to send either via email or U.S. Mail to our state’s U.S. Senators. When E-mailing you will have to use the fill in forms on their sites as they always want to know your information. Then just copy and paste the letter into the space provided and you are done.  It only takes a few minutes- they have to know we are watching out for voting rights.     
Contact information:
Senator Todd Young: or 185 Dirksen Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C.  20510
Senator Mike Braun: or 374 Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510
Here is the letter.  

Wet Lands of Indiana no longer Protected! Join our 7 pm-May 20th Zoom meeting with Hoosier Environmental Council Director — League of Women Voters of Elkhart County

17 May

“Climate Solutions in Indiana: What Policy Paths in Indiana?” Presented by Jesse Kharbanda, Executive Director of the HEC 5-20 2021 7pm Zoom and face book links below use this log in at 7pm on Thursday May 20th. before, please invite Facebook friends here If you don’t have Facebook use Zoom below Hoosier […]

Wet Lands of Indiana no longer Protected! Join our 7 pm-May 20th Zoom meeting with Hoosier Environmental Council Director — League of Women Voters of Elkhart County

Photos from 100th Anniversary of 19th amendment & LWV Tea

26 Apr
Speaker Professor April Lidinsly
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